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My name is Katharina and I love to create things.

In addition to graduating from a high school for fashion and arts, I've studied make-up and special effect design, along with taking lessons for hair art work. I've built up a range of skills from working in various sectors, for example as a dresser in theaters (Volkstheater, Theater in der Josefstadt, Kammerspiel), as a freelance interior designer (Steffl Department Store, Airport Vienna, ORF) and as an artist at the studios of Madame Tussauds Vienna, as well as working in the special effects department for SIMCharacters.

In the past years I've also started restorating old dolls and teddybears for Puppenklinik Vienna and gained experience doing work for movies, commercials, music videos, photo shoots and events.

Not only have I trained myself on working with epoxy, polyurethan resin and dental acrylics, but I've also been giving workshops in creating masks and fake wounds. Furthermore I've started with independent projects, leading to art collaborations, group exhibitions and pop up stores. I'm happy to say that new art collectives and presentations are already planned.

My interests are not limited to the list above, as I'm always keen to expand my abilities and master challenges.

So, check out my portfolio and get in touch with me.
Hope to see you soon,

Katharina Irrelevant


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